Friday, July 06, 2007

Entry and Egress

Glenn Reynolds gets more emails from Michael Yon, who claims the press have managed to miss most of the kinetic Battle of Baqubah and by leaving early, will manage to miss most of the important action, which happens after the battle.

As with the Battle for Mosul, which I held in near monopoly for about five months during 2005, the most interesting parts of the Battle for Baqubah are unfolding after the major fighting ends. But as the guns cool, the media stops raining and starts evaporating, or begins making only short visits of a week or so.

Nothing follows.


Blogger Smitten Eagle said...

It seems typical that the only things the media covers are the fleeting and irrelevant.

Their coverage is much like the 'Names of the Dead' column the NY Times runs whenever there is a death notice. They print the name. They do not research actions of valor, nor lend any commentary unless it is highly critical.

I discussed this here:

7/07/2007 04:14:00 AM  

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