Monday, June 11, 2007

Peacekeeping Versus Fighting Terrorism

The UN Dispatch reports that the world organization is looking to join the peakeeping efforts in Somalia and that America should do more to help.

If the UN deploys to Somalia, it would join Southern Sudan and Ethiopia/Eritrea as the third peacekeeping mission in the Horn of Africa. Indeed, the Horn is seemingly becoming a new loci for peacekeeping operations in Africa. ...

And here at UN Dispatch, we frequently fret that possible overstretch of UN peacekeeping might encumber the development of these prospective missions; the demand for UN peacekeeping is threatening to surpass the financial and military resources necessary to launch new missions. This is why domestic support for UN peacekeeping here in the United States is so important.

The US is uninvolved in Somalia. Who knew?


Blogger NahnCee said...

Just mark this down as Attempt Number 352 by the UN to get US soldiers, equipment and technology under their control. So far, they've tried in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and during the tsunami cleanup to claim a desperate need that the American military alone could fulfill. Little Kofi even went on bended knee to the White House to see if he could guilt-trip Dubya into this same hair-brained scheme.

I think if given a choice between a bunch of American soldiers of their very own to boss around and a few gazillion dollars in donations, the UN would immediately plop for the soldiers.

Can't you just *imagine* American Marines working for and obeying some goombah from [insert Third World hell-hole of your preference here]? Or, even worse, a Frenchman or a Mexican.

6/11/2007 06:42:00 PM  

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