Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Fortunes of War

The deadly arithmetic of the Lebanese Cabinet composition momentarily turns against Hezbollah. Blacksmiths of Lebanon says "Former Minister of the Interior, Hasan Al Sabaa, has retracted his resignation and declared that he will return to the Cabinet. The minister had submitted his resignation in response to the mishandling of the 'Danish Cartoon' riots of February 2006." Michael Totten says "The axis's strategy to murder the cabinet just got a bit harder."

Lady Luck sometimes deals the enemy stinkers in the short run, but long-term luck is made by stacking the odds in our favor and playing with deep reserves. When you really think about it, many of Hezbollah's opponents are playing against them on guts. If they hold their own it may be due to a determination not to lose that guys in Washington may not have. When victory seems optional then it always seems like there are better things to do. When you've got your back to the wall it concentrates the mind wonderfully.


Blogger RWE said...

The latest Lebanese assasination and Sadar's latest threat against the Iraqi Govt are both good news.

From the beginning I said that our biggest problem in The War was not the Enemy, who were, frankly, a bunch of pushovers, but the "Reasonable Men" of our own civilization - the ones who would say "Be reasonable, you can't invade a soverign nation, no matter who is the leader", "Be reasonable, you can't single out men of middle eastern appearance for special scrutinty", "Be reasonable, you can't wiretap people without full legal review" or "Be reasonable, you can't obliterate the Saudi village of Gitridaya one dark and stormy night just because the top Whabbists are holding their annual convention there."

The less reasonable events are, the less basis is there for us to give voice to the Reasonable Men.

11/24/2006 04:09:00 PM  

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