Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday roundup -- Feb 10, 2008

Below the Read More! A dozen War on Terror veterans run for Congress. A British high court is deciding whether a Sharia marriage by telephone between a mentally handicapped man in Britain and a woman in Pakistan is valid under British law. Hezbollah has re-ammunitioned and the IDF fears the Lebanon truce is ending. Code Pink in its own words. Plus: How is Australia reacting to the Rowan Williams flap?

An alternative focus of participation for those who can't get enthused over the Presidential elections is to concentrate on the Congressional races. "United we are capable of sending to Congress a squad-size element of Iraq vets to keep us on offense in the War on Terror and counter calls for defeat."

Rowan Williams' ideas get a workout.

Three senior judges are to rule on the legality of an arranged marriage conducted in the UK under sharia law, a judgment that could have profound consequences for British Muslims.

Last week, as Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, declared it was 'inevitable' that certain parts of Islamic law would be introduced into Britain, the Court of Appeal was told how a 26-year-old British Muslim with learning difficulties was married over the telephone to a woman in Bangladesh. It was arranged by the man's father and deemed lawful under sharia law.

Israel is preparing for another round of bombardment from Lebanon. Hezbollah's ceasefire has ceased to be useful. It's re-stocked and re-ammunitioned.

Hezbollah has managed to deploy large numbers of Katyusha rockets and anti-tank missiles in southern Lebanon, senior Israel Defense Forces officials have told Haaretz. These weapons in Shi'ite villages have been undetected by UN observers, the officials say.

They say the weapons have been smuggled south of the Litani River despite the increased presence of the United Nations Forces Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) since the end of the Second Lebanon War. ...

Many of the weapons were apparently smuggled in as civilian supplies. Israeli sources say Hezbollah has sent recon teams disguised as newsmen to the border.

Will sharia be implemented in Australia? The short answer is no. Auspundits follows developments:

On the home front, some Australian Muslims are urging us to investigate Shari'a. The Opposition Leader, Dr Brendan Nelson responded quite unequivocally:

The idea that in some way you would change your basic values, culture and law to accommodate some people who feel that they don't want to see themselves as Australians first, above all else - under no circumstances would I support that.

This rejection of Shari'a (at least formally) in Australia is bipartisan. Australia's Attorney-General was equally unequivocal:

The Rudd government is not considering and will not consider the introduction of any part of Sharia law into the Australian legal system.


Blogger El Baboso said...

"I mean, what the hell were we doing in Hawaii, anyway?"

I could write a whole book trying to interpret the layers of anti-colonialism, post-modernism, Marxism, Anti-Americanism, and God knows whatever other "theories" implicit in that one statement. One really does need a whole edifice of wrongheaded belief to say something that ridiculous.

2/10/2008 06:26:00 AM  
Blogger Maj_Gen_Stanley said...

Recruiting is a lawful business (just check out all of the job fairs and headhunter companies). By their actions Code Pink is creating a hostile work environment. That, I believe, is a violation of federal law. I remember people who were terminated at companies for that, and in one case, prosecuted.

I'd like to see Code Pink's reaction to that.

2/10/2008 06:43:00 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

One thing I thought I would never see in my lifetime is the image of Israeli troops sitting on their thumbs at the border while rockets flew overhead into Israeli population centers.

The Israelis elected Olmert so I guess they got what they bargained for even if they didn't like it. Olmert is still there but maybe Barak can stiffen his spine a bit. All in all unless and until the Israelis are willing to wage an extermination campaign against Hizbuallah the results of the next dust up probably won't turn out much different.

2/10/2008 07:32:00 AM  
Blogger NahnCee said...

I can see, barely, electing Olmert in the first place. What I simply cannot understand is why the hell is he still there, in a leadership position, and in command of Israel's defense?

Israel is supposed to be the only democracy in the Middle East. They got no process for impeachment of doofuses?

Or is the whole country waiting for Sharon to come out of his coma and step to the forefront again?

2/10/2008 09:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the recent times marriage over telephone culture getting famous, especially in the Islamic religion. Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik also get into controversy by marriage over telephone(Actually he dismiss the rumors of his marriage.)
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2/10/2008 09:46:00 AM  
Blogger RDS said...

Ha ha. You know, they're right -- what were we doing in Hawaii? Let's retroactively de-State-ify it. Never should have been a State.

Oh, that means Obama isn't eligible to run for President?

Too bad!

2/10/2008 09:55:00 AM  
Blogger eggplant said...

Peter said...

"The Israelis elected Olmert so I guess they got what they bargained for even if they didn't like it.... All in all unless and until the Israelis are willing to wage an extermination campaign against Hizbuallah the results of the next dust up probably won't turn out much different."

I'm also waiting for that other shoe to drop, i.e. When is Olmert going to disappear and the Israelis get serious about Hizbuallah? Maybe they can't because their military tech is not up to snuff.

2/10/2008 12:11:00 PM  
Blogger Elijah said...

Assessments & Lessons Learned

However, the problem, routinely overlooked by the likes of Khalilzad and Kissinger, who portray Iran as a winner, is that on balance, in the larger scheme of things, that is, when it comes to the inherent dynamic of power competition between the US and Iran, the latter is much disadvantaged on the "geopolitical chess board", to paraphrase Brzezinski.

2/10/2008 12:55:00 PM  
Blogger Nomenklatura said...

It turns out that Rowan Williams was actually only trying to keep up with what the police and the local authorities in Britain are already doing:

Sharia court frees London knife youths

Sharia law "courts" are already dealing with crime on the streets of London... it was revealed today that a teenage stabbing case among the Somali community in Woolwich had been dealt with by a sharia "trial"...

It's interesting how, although we supposedly live in democracies in both the US and the UK, supporters of multicultural projects like this seem to be able to just completely circumvent the democratic process which might or might not have given approval for this.

2/10/2008 02:47:00 PM  
Blogger Yashmak said...

I'm with Nahncee on Olmert. Surely Israel must understand by now, that no matter what they do, the UN will demonize them but lacks the teeth to stop them. No matter how viciously they defend themselves, the USA will not withdraw its support, if the defense is against Islamic fundamentalist groups (be they Palestinian or otherwise).

Why on earth the Israelis didn't completely destroy Hezbollah is beyond me. Why they didn't occupy territory and hold it to protect northern Israel is beyond me. The message should be "Attack us, and we will take new land from you and hold it. You will be worse off than before."

But instead, the message was "Attack us, and we'll hit hard. . .for a few days. Then we'll go away again and the UN will let you do whatever you want."

2/11/2008 04:07:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Grynch said...

The real question for Australians is "What is the Islamiscist position on aborigine reparations?"

CANBERRA, Australia) — Representatives for Australian Aborigines confirmed plans Friday to launch the first compensation lawsuits since a landmark government apology earlier this week for past abuses.

The cases, details of which were not released because they had not yet been filed, would be the first since Parliament formally apologized Wednesday to tens of thousands of Aborigines who were taken from their families as children under now discredited assimilation policies.

An activist and a lawyer representing some members of the so-called "Stolen Generations" of Aborigines said Friday as many as 40 compensation claims were being prepared in Victoria state.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has ruled out setting up a compensation fund for victims of the policies, which lasted from 1910 until the 1970s, and legal experts say the apology does not strengthen chances of compensation being won through the courts.,8599,1713708,00.html

2/15/2008 06:37:00 AM  

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