Thursday, June 14, 2007

Running from spotlight to spotlight

Too much privacy:

"A panel of Bush administration officials, including several bureau chiefs, concludes that confusing privacy laws contributed to the Virgina Tech shootings. The report claims that confusion over student privacy and medical privacy laws "has limited the ability of these officials to prevent the kind of violence that occurred at Virginia Tech."

Versus too little:

"European data protection laws restrict the commercial use of photographs where individuals are identifiable. The law sets extra requirements for so-called sensitive personal data: it demands explicit consent, not just notification: 'If Google's multi-lens camera cars come to Europe and inadvertently find themselves taking pictures of persons leaving a church or sexual health clinic, they may just need to pull over and start picking up signatures.'"

Still haven't had enough? Now you can do your own DNA analysis at home. Technology is making more and more information available. Inevitably, a lot of that is going to be about us.Nothing follows.


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