Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Presidents on YouTube

YouTube and CNN are cosponsoring the next Democrat Presidential debate, according to the New York Times. Questioners will post virtual video questions and the candidates will respond. But it is the afterdebate mashup possibilities which may be worth watching.

This is a smart move, not only by YouTube, which is owned by Google, but by the potential handlers of the Democrat Presidential candidates. Having long resisted new forms from the bastions of the MSM media, they are moving to dominate the new forms, if necessary by inventing them.

Nothing follows.


Blogger John M said...

I would love to ask the Democratic candidates, Obama in particular since he so oftens cites Lincoln as an example of leadership, if they considered General William Tecumseh Sherman a war criminal for his famous march to the sea. How about the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo or the dropping of the A-bombs. Or about allied pilots who strafed unarmed civilians during WWII. Were any of these actions justified? Could they order/countenance such tactics as commander in chief?

6/14/2007 05:39:00 PM  

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