Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lucky Me

More details of the raid which freed 41 Iraqis from an al-Qaeda torture house emerged from MNF-Iraq. "Some of the men, mostly Sunnis, had lash marks on their backs and rope burns on their wrists and ankles. Some had been held as long as four months. He said their main diet was figs and water. ... Some Shiia hostages had been held at the prison, but al Qaeda had killed them all."

I guess people under torture figure things are about as bad as they can get. But things can be worse. Things can always be worse.


Blogger Tarnsman said...

The "chirp chirp" from the MSM about this is a searing indictment of their agenda. Americans use humilation tactics on a few prisoners and it is a cause celebre for the media. MN forces find a al-Qaeda torture house in which the "detainees" were subject to brutal and inhumane treatment and it's "Ho-hum. Move along, citizens. There's nothing to see here." The same goes for the captured American soldiers who are later found dead, their bodies mutilated.

5/31/2007 08:23:00 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Are you REALLY sure it's such a bad thing for our forces to be expected to maintain a higher standard than a bunch of psychotic terrorists? I'm just askin'. After all, we're the good guys.

5/31/2007 08:46:00 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

My eyes must not be what they used to be. I've tried, and I just can't see where anybody claimed it's a bad thing for our forces to be expected to maintain a higher standard than a bunch of psychotic terrorists.

5/31/2007 09:32:00 AM  
Blogger NahnCee said...

Don't you suppose that Sam is a Rosie supporter who thinks that all American troops are terrorists, but should nevertheless be held to a higher standard in order to making them better sitting ducks.

5/31/2007 09:44:00 AM  
Blogger Tarnsman said...

Sam, how do you read in my comments that I feel that the higher standard expected of our soldiers is a bad thing? I want our guys to be the "knights" that follow the "code". But I expect the American media to use stories like the al-Qaeda torture house to illustrate the real difference between a soldier fighting for freedom of other and the terrorist attempting to impose his will on others. How an al-Qaeda terrorist, who just moments before set off a car bomb killing a bunch of Iraqi children as they gathered around for candy, when captured by American forces is treat humanely; while an American soldier captured by al Qaeda is tortured, killed and then his multilated body dumped. Where is the outrage at the actions of enemy? Maybe on the blogsphere, but not on the pages of the NY Times nor on the screen of ABC News. Instead we have dunderheaded bitties making pronouncements on national TV that in the history of mankind fire has never melted steel.

5/31/2007 11:14:00 AM  
Blogger Sparks fly said...


Tarnsman is not advocating Americans adopt brutality. Tarnsman is simply pointing out that the New York Times is practicing journalistic brutality on our troops and on all that America stands for.

Outrage is due!

Outrage of all America against the NYT is due.

(I write it out beacuse one of the favorite tactics of the LEFT is to simply change the subject mid sentence or phrase or thought.)

Prison time for the TIMES. Yeahhh!

5/31/2007 03:15:00 PM  
Blogger wretchard said...

The American standard of behavior has had two consequences. First, it has motivated sheiks and even ordinary people to turn to them for assistance in fighting the brutality of al-Qaeda. That fact conveys the judgment of many ordinary Iraqis on the standard of behavior of the Americans.

But there is a second aspect to that judgment: in the last few months Iraqis have come to believe that American behavior is stern enough to effectively fight terrorists.

Things are funny in that way. People won't come to you unless you are a "good guy". But that's not enough. They won't come to you simply because you're a good guy. They need to know that you can walk the walk when the al-Qaeda come a-bombing.

This of course is shorthand for the whole problem of the Code of the Knight. A Knight must be Courtesous. But he must also have a heck of a sharp sword. Because of the inherent conflict in these two attributes, getting the balance right are two opposite sides of the same coin. One side alone is not legal tender.

5/31/2007 04:29:00 PM  

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