Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Internet Bombe

When is going online apt to take you offline forever? When you log on to the Internet in Gaza, where 48 Internet cafes have been attacked by Islamic terror groups in the last five months, says News Middle East.

A Palestinian journalist who spoke to the Post said the group wants to establish a "Taliban-style regime in the Gaza Strip." The Palestinian government maintains that Al Qaeda is not active in the territories under its control.

Maybe not quite yet. But that doesn't mean they're not working on it. And when they do they're going to announce it over the Internet so all us infidels can read about it. Word of mouth will suffice where the AQ control the ground. But isn't it ironic? Ynet News reports:

Al-Qaeda is operating in the Gaza Strip and previously attempted to assassinate Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and other top leaders from Abbas' Fatah party, according to Palestinian security officials. ...

In October, a video of a masked terrorist claiming to represent "al-Qaeda in Palestine" was posted on the Internet threatening attacks against "those who blaspheme Islam, including "secular" Fatah officials. Statements made in the video also took credit for the assassination two weeks prior of Jad Tayeh, director of foreign relations for Fatah's General Security Services.

Perhaps Islamic radicals plan to abolish the Internet after they have seized global power, together with all the other necessary evils they had to endure in their quest for universal domination. If you're on the Left happily working to undo America, the greatest threat to the world today, repeat these words until you are completely convinced: "radical Islam does not represent a threat to me, radical Islam does not represent a threat to me, radical Islam ......" Your account has expired.


Blogger Harrison said...

One truly wonders why aQ wants to destroy the Internet when the Left has propagated an endless stream of propaganda sympathetic to the interests of radical Islam - in fact, they should be further egging their liberal collaborators like Daily Kos and its adherents to spam self-flallegating commentaries about the "decline of the West", among other deceitful, treasonous memes.

The Left should be warned, though: once Western civilisation is conquered, radical Islam will have no place for kuffar, even if that person is chanting radical scriptures and wearing a hijab. They will have no use for the Internet, because it is, after all, a "Western tool of imperialism and colonialism".

4/10/2007 07:05:00 PM  
Blogger Mike H. said...

We will, of course, remember the warm reception that the British gays received when they stood in solidarity with the adherents of Islam in London. Heh™ Everything is against Sharia, and even if you don't look at the porn sites they're still there.

4/10/2007 10:04:00 PM  

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