Friday, October 20, 2006

The "Looming Tower" interview

Austin Bay and I interviewed Lawrence Wright, author of the Looming Towers, a book which describes the origins of al-Qaeda and radical Islamism. Wright made the point during the interview that after Zawahiri and the other Islamists had been driven underground by severe repression from Arab governments they hit upon attacking America as a "softer target". That was a way of advancing an their agenda by the indirect expanding the definition of their struggle. You may want to listen to the whole podcast at Pajamas Media.


Blogger Sparks fly said...

It sounds like a very interesting book.

I have to admit the main draw for me was to hear Wretchard's voice. You sound sonorous!

Anyway, it seems the man, Wright, is an excellent reporter but a novice in counter-terrorism: he thinks we can win them over by giving "them" more money over a longer period of time! They might take the money and hate us even more.

I might buy the book though.

From the small excerpts I have read he seems to make these people all too familiar. This may be the beginning of the end for Al Qayda. This type of information in English that CIA types can read may cause or enable the assets of the CIA to be focused on or "click" into recognition. They have had to deal with guys like this before the only problem has been the language and their odd religous stuff.People are people the world over.

Islam is a Jewish heresey. I believe Mohammad claimed to be a descendant of Abraham. The Islami's do not believe that Mohammad was God. That means he made mistakes because if he never made mistakes then he would be equal with God. Maybe murdering Jews is a mistake Mohammad made. What do you think? Jesus never murdered anybody. HE raised the dead. Something to think about.

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