Friday, November 16, 2007

Plame Wants Clooney To Direct Biopic; Michael Douglas to Play Joe Wilson?

Jeffrey Ressner at Politico asked Valerie Plame about her post-CIA plans.

Q: Anyone you’d like to see direct the picture? Martin Scorsese or Oliver Stone or ...

A: No, not Oliver Stone. I don’t think I really have any say in the matter, but George Clooney has shown a deft hand behind the camera as well as in front of it. I thought “Good Night and Good Luck” was so well done; it took a brief period of our country’s history and showed how analogous it is to what’s going on today with the government using fear as a weapon.

Q: Who do you think should play you and your husband?

A:I don’t know about me. When I think about Joe, I think maybe Michael Douglas or George Clooney.

One of the things I've learned from the sad experience of reading history after watching the movie is that actors rarely look like the people they portray, except perhaps in the most general sense. For example, in All the President's Men, Robert Redford didn't really look like Bob Woodward. They had the same gender and the same first name. But there the resemblance ended. George Clooney or Michael Douglas to play Joe Wilson? That Nixon should be so lucky.

Does Vin Diesel get to play Richard Armitage?


Blogger Krontekag said...

How about Rosie O'Donnell as Val? She could throw on a blond wig and ad-lib to her heart's content.

11/16/2007 03:47:00 PM  
Blogger Richard Heddleson said...

Britney Spears.

11/16/2007 04:15:00 PM  
Blogger wretchardthecat said...

In fairness, Valerie is a looker. You could get a fair number of actresses to play her without it being a travesty. George Clooney as Joe Wilson? Well, movies are fiction.

11/16/2007 04:23:00 PM  
Blogger Seppo said...

Not sure about who should play Valerie, but Mike Myers is Oscar material for Joe Wilson

11/16/2007 05:53:00 PM  
Blogger Krontekag said...

Wretchard - are you saying Rosie's not good looking enough to play Val?

Hmm, on reflection maybe Susan Sarandon for Valerie, and Rosie could play Joe.

11/16/2007 06:14:00 PM  
Blogger  Kentucky Farm Girl said...

You could make it a comedy, or a documentary no one would know the difference. Have Jack Black play Wilson and Segorny Weaver play Plame. She would play the striaght Abbot type to his Costello, you know, like in real life.

I say keep it real.

11/16/2007 06:18:00 PM  
Blogger trainer said...

Yet another movie no one will go to in the US, but it'll play well overseas.

11/16/2007 08:04:00 PM  
Blogger Valentine Smith said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11/16/2007 09:06:00 PM  
Blogger Valentine Smith said...

How about Kirk Douglas playing Wilson. Then we can see the lies drip from his crooked mouth.

11/16/2007 09:09:00 PM  
Blogger ledger said...

The end game:

A movie!

Who could have guessed?

Continuous publicity is like money in the bank for people like Plame.

Now, all she needs is a rich financier to fund her movie.

How about George Soros?

If this movie is going to sell it will need a generous amount of sex and violence. Who is going to start the sex rumors?

11/16/2007 09:24:00 PM  
Blogger Towering Barbarian said...

I do hope that such a movie will remember to include evil wizards and unicorns. A truly good fantasy does require the more classical elements. ^_~

11/16/2007 09:35:00 PM  
Blogger Fat Man said...

"Does Vin Diesel get to play Richard Armitage?"

John Goodman.

11/16/2007 10:00:00 PM  
Blogger ledger said...

"Does Vin Diesel get to play Richard Armitage?"



Mr. T should play Joe Wilson’s able body guard on his trip to Nigeria.

We have the start of big movie.


In August 2005 Mr. T, Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris went shark fishing 845 miles east of Bermuda and 1,139 miles west of the Azores Islands. After finishing off 10 kegs of Milwaukees Best and 2 barbequed tiger sharks Mr.T asked Vin Diesel to pull his finger. At the exact moment that Vin Diesel pulled Mr. T's finger Chuck Norris round house kicked Mr. T in the stomach "for fun". The resulting flatulence refered to by most as "Hurricane Katrina" has cost over $1.13 billion so far and almost destroyed New Orleans. To help aliviate his conscious Chuck will provide free "Roundhouse Kick" seminars to the hurricane victims. As for Mr. T he will simply pity the fools.

see: Mr T

11/16/2007 10:34:00 PM  
Blogger Sparks fly said...

Shouldn't one or both of these people be in jail right now? Who is their muscle?

They are getting super "A" media treatment. Have you noticed the quality of the photos that go along with the stories about them in the MSM? Somebody is taking really good care of these two far beyond their kinetic importance.

What's up?

It looks like someone is merchandizing these two with some hidden agenda or ulterior motive in mind for America. They are actors performing in an ENG stageplay. It reminds me of the "Sting" with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Who's the "mark"? I'm concerned it's me!!

They are obviously into looks and a little slow intellectually so someone is feeding them their lines and laying out the plot. Who? Is it a media exercise or a dry run or for a reality movie? Some very connected people must be in back of this.

Is it just me, or what?

11/17/2007 12:06:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

What a farce. I would sure like to hear the discussions that took place within the CIA about hiring Wilson for the Niger assignment - and who, if anybody, in the democratic party knew about this set-up ahead of time.

If there were any integrity in Washington these phonies would have been run out of town years ago.

11/17/2007 10:19:00 AM  
Blogger NahnCee said...

I'm seeing reports here and there that the studios are in financial difficulties because no one will go see their drek, not even overseas.

If Frick and Frack want a movie made about their treasonous exploits, it'll have to be indy production funded by Soros.

And BTW, shouldn't *he* be running out of money soon, too, since he's got more fingers in more anti-American pies around the world that Iran does.

11/17/2007 10:42:00 AM  
Blogger Richard Heddleson said...

In fairness, Valerie is a looker.

Britney isn't? And Britney is an airhead, too.

11/17/2007 11:26:00 AM  
Blogger RWE said...

Valerie Blame no doubt doesn't want Oliver Stone to direct because Stone made a movie about 9/11/01 that did NOT claim it was all a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Stone also recently has been heard to say "Je-Sus Freakin' Ke-rist, people! Don't you all understand that my film about the Kennedy Assasination was FICTION?" So much for hiom as someone who can turn history around via a movie.

I vote for Jane Fonda as Valerie and that accomplished thespian, Ted Turner, as Bill. Talk about something no one would ever watch....

11/17/2007 12:30:00 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Clooney's movie is part of a Communist lie that dates back to McCarthy and is maintained
by Hollywood. For anyone interested I posted a piece over at freerepublic title McCarthy & American Jews

11/17/2007 12:42:00 PM  
Blogger The Wobbly Guy said...

Oh please, such movies would barely attract any interest overseas. We furriners watch movies to be entertained, not to be exposed to overly long political diatribes masquerading as movies.

11/17/2007 05:13:00 PM  
Blogger Starling said...

To my mind at least, the most obvious choices for Valerie are Charlize Theron

and Sharon Stone

But fortunately for us, such a film is not likely to ever be made, in large part due to the recent and stunning failure of the recent spate of anti-war films from Hollywood, i.e. Rendition, Lions for Lambs, Elah, and the documentary "No End in Sight."

Hollywood may be unpatriotic, but it isn't stupid. There's no profit in sight for anti-iraq, bush-bashing films and Hollywood is usually loathe to back a clear loser.

11/17/2007 05:33:00 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

They've done a few already, Starling!
They can always make it back with a G-rated Blockbuster.
I'd like to see Mark Cuban "accidentally" KO'ed in an NBA Fracas.

11/17/2007 06:20:00 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11/17/2007 06:21:00 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

New post by Yon on the story of how a group of local Iraqis are welcoming back Iraq’s Christians.

11/17/2007 06:22:00 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Made from 100% real material he found on the Internet.
Cuban's Bastard Child

De Palma, 66, whose "Casualties of War" in 1989 told a similar tale of abuse by American soldiers in Vietnam, makes no secret of the goal he is hoping to achieve with the film's images, all based on real material he found on the Internet.

"The movie is an attempt to bring the reality of what is happening in Iraq to the American people," he told reporters after a press screening.

"The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war," he said.

Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi was gang raped, killed and burnt by American soldiers in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad, in March 2006. Her parents and younger daughter were also killed.

11/17/2007 06:28:00 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

But YOU're not a EuroFurinner, Wobbly!

11/17/2007 06:31:00 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Classic Battletech in Singapore!

The Wobbly Guy's Blog

- This Ad not approved by The Wobbly Guy.

11/17/2007 06:37:00 PM  
Blogger NahnCee said...

Wobbly - just because you are young, stupid and buried in Singapore doesn't mean that the rest of the world -- especially the Arab parts -- don't latch onto anti-American movies and pay perfectly good money to have their prejudices reinforced.

Remember that the lie that the Pentagon was never hit on 9/11 was started in France and grew there fueled by Froggish anti-Americanism.

You should also Google a movie made in Turkey that came out in 2006 "VAlley of the Wolves - Irak". Because this had two well-known American actors starring in it, it gained a quite a lot of validity among Middle EAstern audiences who thought why would important American actors lend their names to a movie if it were lies.

AND reports indicate that audiences overseas really enjoy watching Americans getting blowed up and exploded, and are quite willing to believe whatever lies are put on-screen to make it seem like a come-uppance.

If it's a bad movie - talk talk talk like Redford's latest - then of course no one will want to watch it. But how many people both here and overseas believe Oliver Stone's version of JFK's assassination? I'd much rather have them watching George C Scott turning in a fierce performance as Patton, and contemplating whether or not they really want to face American warriors like Patton upclose and very personal.

11/17/2007 10:35:00 PM  
Blogger sbw said...

John Laroquette should play Joe Wilson. he has the hair for it and, besides, it is black comedy.

11/18/2007 10:11:00 AM  
Blogger sbw said...

If Plame wants a Clooney in it, it should be Rosemary Clooney playing Val, somewhat past her prime.

11/18/2007 10:13:00 AM  
Blogger The Wobbly Guy said...

Well, there's Malaysia, and from what I gather, anti-american films don't cut it there either.

I've said it before, films that are not entertaining generally don't get any traction, in the US or overseas. When it comes down to how much they can earn, it's meagre and pathetic. IIRC, operators skim off a lot of the tix proceeds too, so as to how much Hollywood is getting, well, starling already gave us an idea.

Right now, the vibe I'm getting is that these films are made to satisfy the personal fantasies of some rich liberals. They're not likely to change any minds. And that's the important thing.

Reinforcing prejudices is fine, but changing opinions, ahhh, now that's dangerous, but none of these films are capable of doing that. And that's what we, or rather you, have to be worried about. In the rest of the world, either we're already predisposed negatively towards the US(the Arabs), or we like the US, or we just don't care(most of the world).

In your US-centric world, nahncee, you'll wish the rest of the world worries and knows that much about the US, when we actually don't except to complain and put the blame on the US for this or that problem.

Dig any Joe-foreigner about how much he knows about the US(or heck, even Europe, or the Middle East, or Asia), and why he feels this nebulous animosity against this or that country far away, provide some counter-examples, see the logic circuits start to overheat, and you realise that the cliche about the ignorant, stupid American is no less true about the majority of people in just about everywhere else.

My take is that the rest of the world always has an irrational fear of the big guy on the hill. It may be China, it may be Russia/USSR, or a benign USA, but a lot of folks will still fear and loathe it regardless of what it does.

So some points to remember:
1. These movies aren't going to change anybody's minds, here, there, anywhere.
2. These movies, if made, are hardly seen unless they contain explosions and high death counts, but then audiences would simply glaze over any political commentary and enjoy only the bright, flashy parts.
3. Not many of these movies are going to be made, as they earn so little money in return.

In conclusion? It's worth some thinking about, but hardly worth any real action. There're lots of other things to be worried about.

Meanwhile, we should just laugh at their antics. These movies, almost always self-righteous, also provide good exercise for the mind in spotting the numerous errors in facts and assumptions used. And we can always use them to berate the leftoids, "And you believe this piece of fantastic crap?!? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!"

I should know, I've done that before.

Doug-Whey... the links are available on my profile, you don't have to put them here! People might think you're spamming!

11/18/2007 11:32:00 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

The more closely hyperlinked the brotherhood is, the better, I always say!
This thread at the Bar provides plenty of bad news to worry about!

11/19/2007 12:44:00 AM  
Blogger always right said...

Barb Streisand.

She's blonde (???), a loud-mouth, and not much talent (as movie actress) even with a script.

11/19/2007 11:36:00 AM  
Blogger Beyond The Rim... said...

I nominate Woody Allen for Joe Wilson, the perfect conflicted whimp that while not physically the same, the psychological self-serving subset is the same.

11/21/2007 08:31:00 AM  

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