Monday, January 14, 2008

What Really Matters

Tim Blair has cancer. His wrote this on his site:

Feeling poorly for some time. Saw a doctor a few weeks ago, who sent me to a specialist, who booked me into hospital for tests.

It’s cancer.

Major abdominal surgery next week. If all goes well, the remaining non-cancerous section of me will be home by early-mid February. No idea yet how long a full recovery might take beyond then. Medical advice is very positive, but that wouldn’t count for much in the absence of care and love from family and friends. I’ve been overwhelmed. I’m lucky.

Luckier than I ever knew.

Usual posting to continue shortly.

Those who have felt the impact of cancer on their families know that its first effect is to put things in perspective. Business and career disappointments shrink to their true diminutive sizes. Your son' Christmas card is worth more than them all. Tim Blair's reaction to his affliction show his quality more than any other words could. He will continue posting after his operation. That says it all.


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