Sunday, March 04, 2007

Erry Christmas

Manila newspapers today are giggling over details of the hard life of Jose Maria Sison, the head the Communist Party of the Philippines -- an organization accused by an independent commission of of numerous extrajudicial killings. Sison is unlikely to be brought to trial although he lives near the Hague, the site of the International Criminal Court. The ICC is likely to be helpless because Sison is under the protection of the European Left.

The military has criticized Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison for posting pictures of himself on his website singing and dancing with actress Ara Mina. Lieutenant Colonel Bartolome Bacarro, Armed Forces spokesman, said he chanced upon the pictures while browsing through Sison's personal page which also contained the literary works of the communist leader. "Jose Ma. Sison is enjoying life while his supporters are rotting like hell," Bacarro said.

Sison is 68 years old and Ara Mina's age is 23. One of the victims of Sison's organization was Colonel James Rowe



There is nothing terribly unusual about Sison. He is the standard issue leftist leader. The nicest thing about being on the Left is that you can do anything at all and still be regarded by as the epitome of moral uprightness. You can exhort people to do make sacrifices you would never dream of doing yourself. Encourage people to recycle their underwear and fly to environmental meetings in private jets; denounce the danger of terrorism even as you apologize for terrorists; accuse other people of murder even as you murder yourself. In Sison's case not only are you beyond even the reproach of your victims, you get to dance over their graves.


Blogger 3Case said...

"You can..." Let them eat cake and 40%+/- of them are stupid enough to thank you.

3/04/2007 04:42:00 PM  
Blogger RWE said...

Meanwhile, Ramush Haradinaj, former Prime Minster of Kosovo, and guerilla leader in that country before that, has been accused of ethnic cleansing of .... SERBS.

He is being put on trial at the Hague by the U.N. Yugoslav tibunal along with two co-defendants.

Y'all recall the valiant freedom fighters of Kosovo, don't you? We used our airpower in 1999 to support their efforts to prevent ethnic cleansing by ... SERBS.

Bill Clinton really stepped up to the plate in that. And Gen Wesley Clark tried to start WWIII. And Hillary Clinton got some nice photo ops greeting refugees from Kosovo And those supposed hundreds of thousands of Kosovoian bodies in mass graves that justified all of this somehow never did turn up.

Also, the Italian courts have indicted a USAF Lt Col and 25 CIA agents for participating in a joint operation with Italy that arrested a radical Muslim cleric who was building terrorst networks in Europe.

So the good guys are now the bad guys and the real bad guys are on Dancing With The Stars. Sounds about right....

3/04/2007 05:17:00 PM  
Blogger Stephen Renico said...

I'll never understand how Europeans can logically and reasonably be simultaneously so anti-Nazi and communist-tolerant.

3/04/2007 05:26:00 PM  
Blogger D. B. Light said...

The real lesson to be learned is that no matter how great the atrocities you commit, no matter how old or wrinkled or fat you get, young actresses will still find tou hot, hot, HOT!

3/04/2007 05:26:00 PM  
Blogger 3Case said...

"So the good guys are now the bad guys and the real bad guys are on Dancing With The Stars. Sounds about right...."

...and proves, further, the wisdom of the 2d Amendment....

3/04/2007 05:45:00 PM  
Blogger wretchard said...

During the 1980s, Sison's leadership handed out numerous death sentences for the crime of sexual opportunism, here discussed by an American academic who I don't think knows the half of it. One of the better known recipients of this sentence was NPA Commander Conrado Balweg, who was eventually killed. No escape you see, from the genial man in the Netherlands. What exactly was "sexual opportunism" of which Balweg was convicted? Why it was fancy name for philandering. Never mind that Sison himself ogled anything that came his way (or so I have it from a former bodyguard).

What the "sexual opportunism" episodes should communicate to historians is how utterly meaningless political correctness is. The Left is by turn libertine, prudish, outraged by violence, demanding of violence, a stickler for the law and scofflaw without any rhyme or reason except for the current whims of its leadership.

The man who truly understood the Left best was George Orwell. He knew that what was praiseworthy yesterday could earn you a death sentence today and vice versa. When you see Sison dancing with Ara Mina, don't just remember all the men he had liquidated for political reasons, but those who were sentenced for "sexual opportunism".

3/04/2007 08:04:00 PM  
Blogger 3Case said...

"The Left is..." lethally hypocritical.

3/04/2007 08:16:00 PM  
Blogger wretchard said...

If you truly want to understand how ruthless Sison is, read this account of a just some of the murders he has committed authored by a Frenchman. It is the smallest of tips of the iceberg. Here's an excerpt.

The case of Leopoldo “Ka Hector” Mabilangan seems here relevant. He was shot dead on April 3, 1994 in Sto. Thomas, Batangas. He was the former head and spokesperson of the Quezon-based NPA Banahaw Command and left in 1993, taking advantage of an amnesty proclamation. In 1997, his right hand man, Eduardo Borromeo was also killed.

Carlo Butalid was in 1993 an NDF official in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He was a friend of Mabilangan. He thought (and still thinks) that the accusations against him are unfounded. He asked Jose Maria Sison why Mabilangan had to be killed. He recalled Sison’s answer, after Kintanar’s assassination: “When I asked for the reason for this killing, Joma replied that sometimes it was necessary to ‘kill the chicken to scare the monkey’. I didn’t understand what this meant at first, but later I found out that this was one the tactics used by Mao during his various inner party struggles - kill a lower official as a warning to the higher official that he was fighting against. Ka Hector’s death was a warning to Rolly Kintanar and the others” (Carlo Butalid, 16 February 2003).

Who cares about a guy called Kintanar? But here's another name you might want to remember. He's buried in Arlington but the mastermind of his murder is still at large.

The communists, however, never forgot Lt. Nick Rowe. They never forgot the threat men such as he posed to them and their view of world domination.
Shortly before 7 a.m. on April 21, 1989, a small white car pulled alongside a gray, chauffeur-driven vehicle in a traffic circle in the Manila suburb of Quezon City. The barrels of an M-16 rifle and a .45-caliber pistol poked out the window of the white car and spit out more than two dozen shots. Twenty-one of them hit the gray car. One of the rounds hit Col. James "Nick" Rowe in the head, killing him instantly. The hooded NPA killers had ties to the communist Vietnamese, Rowe's old enemies in Vietnam. It took the communists nearly 25 years, but they finally silenced Nick Rowe. What they could not do in a jungle cage in South Vietnam's U Minh Forest through torture, intimidation, and political indoctrination, they did with a .45 and an American-made M-16 on the streets of Manila.
At the time of his death, Col. Rowe was serving at the Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group providing anti-insurgency training for the Philippine military. He had carried to the Philippines the same hard-line anti-communist message that he had brought home from Vietnam. It was a message the NPA could not tolerate because Rowe, in his quiet, unassuming way, was more effective than any dozen diplomats in spreading freedom and democracy.
Col. Rowe had warned U.S. Embassy officials in the Philippines weeks before his death that the NPA was planning a major terrorist act, that a high-profile American might be in danger. The NPA wanted to prove its viability as a communist insurgency and convince them that not even American military might could stop them. The State Department ignored Col. Rowe's warnings.

3/04/2007 08:18:00 PM  
Blogger joe buz said...

ah the upper level comrades...
for what do the brothers of the struggle Hugo and Fidel lack?
They enjoy only the best fruit from their Commune and beyond while the shelves of the masses lie bare. Live as we say not as we live.

3/05/2007 06:03:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmo said...

Indeed, look past the Left's non-stop indictments of its political enemies and you'll find it engaged in identical behavior.

Stifling dissent in the Bush-Howard police state? Try 'hate speech' legislation, campus speech codes and hectoring of conservative speakers, the self-censorship and selective reporting of a 'free and unbiased' media, entire subjects declared out of bounds (global warming dissent) or branding opponents 'racist' or 'islamophobic' to shut them up ---- the whole 'Repressive Tolerance' kit bag.

Imperialism? International communism was, perhaps, the most significant colonial enterprise in history.

Racism and bigotry? The Left deliberately Balkanizes the people it controls into heirarchies of identity groups for the express purpose of doling out economic and political favor.

Warmongering? Not when it's a well-financed 'liberation movement' or blowback from some past Western 'misdeed.'

Economic justice? Leftist regimes immiserate the nations they run, and their crackpot social policies in the West have had deliterious effects upon the very people they claim to help.

Compassion? The Left offers words and street theatre with no intention of doing anything like 'Freeing Tibet' while their enemies on the 'religious right' send trucks and and buses to Louisiana after Katrina.

I could go on, but my posts are generally too long, anyway.

After the fall of Berlin, there was Nuremberg. After the fall of the Soviet Empire and the liberation of Eastern Europe, there should have been a reckoning. We're paying for that now.

3/05/2007 08:43:00 AM  

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