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Weekend yard sale

Some items of interest that readers may want to look at over the weekend. Topics include John Boyd, the NYT on Army stabilization doctrine, a forgotten Iranian dissident, Barack Obama and the Ramones, "pimping": the word, Black Helicopters, how Benazir Bhutto died, plus my thoughts on the New Republic's question. "Why did Asian Americans vote so overwhelmingly against Barack Obama?" After the Read More!

Frank Hoffman looks at the career and thinking of John Boyd at the Small Wars Journal. "Regrettably, Boyd’s career is too often truncated into well known “OODA Loop.” But Boyd had a lot more to offer. His contributions to flying tactics, fighter development, and operational theory are profound. The historical analyses and scientific theories he employed are not well documented nor well understood. This is principally due to Boyd’s reliance on briefing slides." But a number of books now give him the full treament. Mentioned in Hoffman's article are The Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd and a pair of biographies. "Likewise, Boyd’s exploration of what we now know as chaos and complexity theory was a decade ahead of its time. Students of the nonlinear sciences, including Dr. Dave Kilcullen, have exploited the concept of complex adaptive systems in relation to modern adversaries like Al Qaeda in his own ground breaking studies. Dr. Osinga makes it clear that we can and are still learning from the iconoclastic Boyd."

The New York Times has an article that describes recent changes in Army Doctrine emphasizing stabilization operations as "an illustration of how far the Pentagon has moved beyond the Bush administration’s initial reluctance to use the military to support “nation-building” efforts when it came into office." The evolution of stabilization operations is something I've had the good fortune to follow closely and in my opinion any comparison between the sophisticated doctrines which have since evolved and "nation building" are a travesty. The concept of "nation building" survives in fossilized form today in the various UN Peacekeeping operations around the world. The important thing to grasp is that stabilization operations are now part of a total concept of war. But more to the point -- and the NYT will not tell you this -- stabilization operations can only work when there is a political commitment to investing time and energy to carry it out and providing the security cover under which it can operate. Both the long linger-time and the security cover are subjects which those eager for a quick "exit strategy" will never accept.

Claudia Rosett describes the fate of the men who are left behind by the media spotlight. "His name is Fathi Eljahmi. His offense has been to speak up for the cause of political pluralism in Libya ... We know something of Eljahmi's current condition because both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have recently issued calls for his release from prison on the humanitarian grounds that he is gravely ill and in urgent need of medical care. But there are bigger reasons than that to call for Eljahmi's release, and it is not only human rights organizations, or private commentators, who should be doing so. It is time for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President Bush himself to step up to the plate and redeem - with specific reference to Gadhafi's abuse of Eljahmi - a vital pledge made more than five years ago, that 'America will call evil by its name.' ... Gadhafi, meanwhile, has hit the jackpot as America's prime example of a rogue regime on rehab." And Eljahmi is yesterday's news.

What would students of realpolitik say? Would they quote Omar Khayyam?

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.

Maybe, but it's still a shame.

Did Barack Obama's theme of the audacity of generic hope come from the Ramones? "If you're not in it, you're out of it."

That "pimping" word. MSNBC host Keith Olbermann once accused President Bush of "pimping" General David Petraeus and of making the general into a "political hack" at the risk of moving America's government toward a "military junta." Just recently MSNBC's David Shuster remarked that Chelsea Clinton was being "pimped out" presumably by her mother's campaign. Shuster was suspended. "Shuster, who apologized this morning on MSNBC and will again this evening, has been suspended from appearing on all NBC News broadcasts, other than to make his apology." Interestingly enough the words "pimped out" were used to promote a Roto-rooter product, according to Engadget. Maybe the MSNBC pundits should get a wider vocabulary.

The "Quiet One": a history of America's real life Black Helicopter. Conspiracy theorists have dreamed it; movies have imagined it. Now meet the airframe that started the legend: the OH-6A “Loach”.

How Benazir Bhutto really died, according to Scotland Yard. "UK police reached their conclusions by studying TV footage of the assassination, and X-rays of the victim."

Isaac Chotiner, writing in the New Republic asks "Why did Asian Americans vote so overwhelmingly against Barack Obama?" He suggests that Asians are risk averse, that many of them are fleeing from tyrannies, they were racist, etc. But he misses what I think is the essential reason they voted for Hillary by a 3-1 ratio. Asians have no white guilt; had nothing to do with slavery. And therefore they see Obama on his merits, without the distortion of that particular lens. Asians who vote for him will do so for other reasons, but not for the reason Andrew Sullivan gave, "his face". My impression of the voting patterns of the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, where by definition they have to vote for a person of another ethnic group, is that the vote goes to the candidate who offers the best prospects of social stability and a good business environment. Ideas like "hope" count for less than concrete possibilities.


Blogger NahnCee said...

I don't believe Bhutto was killed by a bomb blast, but I haven't come up with a good explanation yet for why Scotland Yard would lie about it. Unless their forensics experts are left-over from the OJ Simpson case and transferred their "expertise" from Los Angeles to London to the wilds of Pakistan.

* * *

Regarding people left behind after the media spotlight has passed, before we invaded Iraq, during the interminable UN "inspection" tours, a jeep-load of smurf-helmeted inspectors were slowly driving through crowds in Iraq; I misremember what city they were in. But a middle-aged man suddenly lept from the crowd and threw himself into the car with the UN-types, pleading for asylum. There were pictures of the stalwart UN-types staring stonily ahead through their windshield as Iraqi police removed the man, arms flailing and shrieking in despair and fear.

I never heard anything more about the man that the UN-ifers cheerfully ignored and gave over to whatever fate awaited him in Saddam's Paradise. I wonder who he was, and what the Iraqi's did to him for embarrassing Saddam like that.

And how many of those Iraqi policemen at that point in time are now rejuvenated and carrying guns as they go on patrol and walk behind American soldiers.

2/08/2008 10:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the mystery of why Asians didn't vote Obama, why its no mystery at all. The guy for TNR or Nation doesn't know many foreign born Asians evidently. They are usually afraid of blacks in general and also have little good to say about them. Regardless of education level or wealth, I've yet to met a foreign born Asian that respected blacks as a group. I've known academically distinguished
Asians who are afraid of blacks as well as blue collar types that feel exactly the same.

I believe that if Barack Hussein Obama is the nominee, foreign born Asians and Hispanics will register to vote in great numbers and eagerly vote against him. I'm not so sure about American born Asians but no doubt their parents attitudes will dilute their support for Obama too.

2/09/2008 02:37:00 AM  
Blogger wretchardthecat said...

They are usually afraid of blacks in general and also have little good to say about them. Regardless of education level or wealth, I've yet to met a foreign born Asian that respected blacks as a group.

But if Obama clearly offered better prospects for national security, social peace and most of all, a good business climate they'd vote for him. They are rational in that way. At the risk of stereotyping many Asian types are "practical". There's a scene in the Joy Luck Club where an American born daughter shows her foreign-born mother a leaning avante-garde table her artistic husband carved for her. The mother says "what good is table if always fall over?"

I think it's a fair bet that Obama's tax proposals, offers to go cap in hand to enemies, etc have not gone unnoticed.

2/09/2008 03:45:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Barack Hussein Obama is the embodiment of the Worst Fear.

Obama has neither the experience, nor the qualifications, nor the temperament to run a small business. That a Chicago ward politician, a lawyer without one day of management experience, could become a serious contender for the Chief Executive of the United States of America, the Commander in Chief, is an absurdity in and of itself. And this yet is the least of the Worst Fear.

It is perhaps not coincidental that the fashionable man of the moment is an urchin, a wraith or an underfed runt. Is it a surprise that a product of testicle smashing Harvard would showcase a hard edged wife?

Fashion meets philosophy when Obama levitates above the cheering crowd and promises a new future. "I give you My boundless Hope. You give Me your Liberty. With Me, and only by Me, I will redeem you from the end of the world."

Hugo North. I can only pray that we are not that stupid.

2/09/2008 03:46:00 AM  
Blogger Thud said...

Johnny ramone would not be happy with you joining obama with the Ramones...Johnny was one of the few conservatives in music.

2/09/2008 04:02:00 AM  
Blogger wretchardthecat said...

I think the real danger in the Obama debate is that it will be about race in some shape or form. A liberal racism, the old fashioned kind or some other undescribed sort. The race factor is alive in different guises. And the best antidote to that is a constantly return to the objective issues: what does he stand for, what are his policies? What will he do on national defense? The economy? Taxes?

The "Liberal Messiah" phenomenon it has been pointed out, can be seen as a race argument in reverse. But is this fair to Obama? Can't he be elected for what he stands for? Rather than his "face", as Andrew Sullivan puts it? Michael Chabon at the Washington Post will vote for Obama to make a statement. He writes:

And when we all wake up on Nov. 5, 2008, to find that we have made Barack Obama the president of the United States, the world is already going to feel, to all of us, a little different, a little truer to its, and our, better nature. It is part of the world's nature and of our own to break, ruin and destroy; but it is also our nature and the world's to find ways to mend what has been broken. We can do that. Come on. Don't be afraid.

And I thought Chabon would vote for him because he was the better man with the better platform, only to discover he's voting for him to tell the world "see! America's changed!"

But unfortunately Obama has made himself hard to evaluate on his platform. He's evasive, maybe for tactical reasons. Once he takes a definite stand he stops being Hope embodied and becomes simply the flagbearer of a program. And you can say, I think that those suspicious Asians, who are forever looking under the hood, reading the fine print, asking pesky questions, etc are going to have some reservations. They might vote for Obama, but not for the same reasons as Michael Chabon.

2/09/2008 04:02:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

There are always the unforeseen possibilities but three potential catastrophes are staring us in the face. The next President will set the course on how we confront them.

The US economy, and the global economy in turn, could be wrecked if reducing carbon emissions becomes its primary driver. Without even considering the gaping holes in the scientific support of AGW, a populist, feel good strangulation of industrial growth and heavy taxation of energy use without intelligent cost-benefit analysis would kick the economy into deep recession or worse. Can we take any comfort from the fact that all Presidential nominees want higher energy taxes and AGW regulations?

Unfettered immigration with no concern for the ability of our society to assimilate the newcomers will Balkanize the country. You don't have to be a history professor to see how easily ethnic and racial divisions can explode into outright civil war when a society is stressed economically or from divisive politics. Case in point: ONE generation prior to genocide, intermarriage between Jews and ethnic Germans was so pervasive that rabbinic scholars were expressing their concern that a distinctive Jewishness would disappear from the German speaking world. A more recent case in point: Bosnian neighbors that greeted each other with Good Mornings on Monday murdered each other's families on Tuesday when some unseen tipping point got hit. Can we take any comfort from the fact that all Presidential nominees treat unfettered immigration as a non-problem?

50 countries on this little planet are governed exclusively or primarily by Islamic law. The best of them retain their veneer of civility only by oppressive monarchies or secular armies. Billions upon billions of petrodollars are spent annually to reinforce the supremacist teaching and yearning of Muhammed, the perfect human. Will endless accommodation convince a supremacist that something less than everything is enough? Who will stand up to Allah and say that the cost of one billion Muslim lives is too much to pay for Allah's supremacy of the world? Is any human cost too much for Allah?

Paranoid I am. Barack Hussein Obama, by intention or by blunder, will bring us closer to them all.

2/09/2008 05:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But if Obama clearly offered better prospects for national security, social peace and most of all, a good business climate they'd vote for him. They are rational in that way."

I think many Asians are more racial in outlook than you think. Its visceral. Yes the Asians I've know, especially women, are extremely practical and rational in their own interests, but I do think race will trump those thoughts.

2/09/2008 09:43:00 AM  
Blogger doolz said...

I think Johnny Ramone was more in line with the satire of the video. Joey was most likely sincere about it, as Obama probably is.

2/09/2008 12:53:00 PM  
Blogger Zenster said...

Peter: Will endless accommodation convince a supremacist that something less than everything is enough? Who will stand up to Allah and say that the cost of one billion Muslim lives is too much to pay for Allah's supremacy of the world? Is any human cost too much for Allah?

Incredibly well put. Just another version of the "tipping point". Installation of a global caliphate will see the death of half this world's human population. The equation is rather simple. Some 3 BILLION Infidels versus 1 BILLION Muslims. Only Islam differs over which way the scale should tip. Most surreal of all is how insistent Islam remains over making this world choose right away. I think that Muslims are going to be very unhappy when that choice gets made.

2/09/2008 05:17:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

Obama & Asians. For the Record let' stop this opinionated lies regarding racism. The person writing this has been told she looks like : Tina Turner, Diana Ross,Chaka Khan, Barbara Streisnad and Celia Cruz. For the Record I look like none of them so that's PERCEPTION. I am Cuban. Not Afro-Cuban whatever that means,JUST Cuban. My mother appears as
"white"woman as all of you who are writing here for the most part. My father looks like a patrician nosed Sidney Poitier. Here is the thing: My grandmother is Half CHINESE, my grandson is Half-CHINESE and Haitian, my other two grandson's are half JAPANESE, MY OTHER TWO ARE HALF GREEK AND other two ASIANS (INDIAN)some of us look Asian, Some look "Black American" some "Spanish" some Indian some East Indian. Just like BARACK OBAMA for EXPERIENCE? REALLY IS THAT WHY MR.BUSH "INVADED" another SOVEREIGN NATION? really? HIS EXPERIENCE IS LEAVING A STAGGERING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS DEBT..WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT EXPERIENCE? what experience did Bill Gates have to build Microsoft in its genesis? What experience did Robert Johnson of BET have to become a billionaire? That's why there is a Presidential cabinet of advisors!!hey there, good morning!!!Obama is brilliant. He is a Harvard Law School graduate and former Editor of the "Harvard Law Review" no small feat for a student and in your penchant for labeling a "minority" one. Sometimes I wonder about "certain" types of Americans or is it the Republican coat you put on? it's so insecure that it does things to your head. To educate you: Fulgencio Batista the true former Dictator of Cuba was of the same mixture, Chinese, African and European (obviously) from our Spaniard roots. There are a LOT of Chinese people who have expatriated to 1.Cuba 2. Haiti 3. Jamaica 4. Trinidad 5. Guyana. So no, the Asians are not as racist as you paint them and yes they will say that to a "white" person just to win your favor. They will vote for Barack. He is a man of color as they are.But wait..they will vote for him ,because he is a super intelligent,highly educated, well read, poised and "articulate" person (here we go with the word articulate) but in this instance I write it as compared to Mr. Bush who has a problem enunciating, pronouncing and using the English language in its correct context. Dummy. Thank God for Condoleeza..she helps him a lot through his fumbling idiotic rantings,and long pauses as he forgets what he is saying, because he just got briefed 24 minutes prior to the speech! and his swagger and arrogance prevent him from reading, mass amounts of periodicals,briefs etc. I think he has never read more than 100 books in his entire political life and obviously not the Constitution..(holla that!!) I love that phrase oops might get in trouble like Mr.Shuster @MSNBCfor saying Chelsea "got "pimped" LOL and holla that again! (please look that word up in the street lingo manual) y'a know like Vanilla Ice's 5.0?... And YOU overlook Bush's low intellectual prowess, his lack of sophistication,lack luster countenance, and constant bad decision making opinions-- I am not interested in Obama Barack's color, I am interested in world peace, traveling to my country,affordable health care for all ,(because it's free in Cuba,) and what about that borderless treaty that Bush signed? while simultaneoulsy building a fence at the border? Hillary? She "pimps" the public, and tells them what she wants them to hear and if she got into office it would be bingo bango ha ha ha! Hey she's articulate too!! imagine that!

2/10/2008 05:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

familythatcares, were to start with your tale?
let me point out that in California, Hillary won the Asian vote 3 to 1. She won Hispanic vote 2 to 1. Those margins overwhelmed Obama's 4 to 1 black support and his slight win of the the white vote. These are facts and the fun is in understanding it. My thoughts are based upon personal experience. You said that Asians are just telling me what I want to hear. Why because they think that a white must be against a black candidate? Laughable considering they voted overwhelmingly against Obama while whites voted for the guy!

Racial political forces are acting on the democratic party in the same way San Andres fault acts on California. Will November be a great quake in the Democratic party as a "people of color" racial divide costs it the Presidency? Stay tuned.

2/10/2008 06:48:00 AM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

Ok, good for you and your stats. Not interested in back and forth banter.The November election will either confirm what I believe or confirm what you believe. My family of Asians,including my in-laws share more personal views and details than any Asian "friends" you could possibly have.And you do not know what people do when they vote in private. They say one thing and vote another. "We" will always tell you what you want to hear,"isn't America a GREAT country" yes?

2/10/2008 06:55:00 AM  
Blogger NahnCee said...

I want to go back to San Juan.

I know a boat you can get on.

Everyone there will give big cheer.

Everyone there will have moved HERE!"


2/10/2008 08:01:00 AM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

Hello, I am getting racist sounding stupidity from who else? stupid folks. My, my Cubans are so arrogant, do you know what we say? if you are not Cuban you're that's a big secret I let out. San Juan???you mean the San Juan in Puerto Rico?? the place were all those Hipanics are American Citizens and can VOTE??? you mean that place? oh I forgot," you people"are" geographically challenged and unless you are Indigenous American Indian when you buy your ticket for the "boat" get me one too!! LOL!!! You have got to be young--- you are soooo stupid.

2/10/2008 10:33:00 AM  
Blogger Familythatcares said... The organization of Mexican-Americans endorse Obama.
In the end "WE" are beautiful people of color!!and Mexico owned California. Mexicans belong here, they are Native American People. Everyone else Polish, Germans, Swedish,Italians, Greeks,Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean,Taiwanese, British,Jews who consider themselves a "race" Africans, Spaniards, etc. WE ALL came from somewhere else. Just because you were born here, doesn't trump the rights of the Indians whose lands your ancestors stole. Which is why the "Lakotah Nation," has claimed their self sovereignty and put the Department of Justice on noitce, that they are an independent nation. So there ha ha! Portuguese people are returning to their country in droves from,the East Coast after retirement... yes with all their social security and dinero!!!and the French don't even wan to come back after the Louisiana Purchase..I know of no large French community in all of the United States, Isn't America Lovely?? Aren't we sooo lucky to live here? such a charming country,such well mannered gracious INTELLIGENT people nes' ce-pas? OUI.

2/10/2008 10:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its pretty clear why Hispanics are voting against Obama in states like California, afterall there is a race war going on in LA county between them. But I still don't know why Asians voted 3 to 1 against the guy.
I mean what did blacks do against Asians? They don't compete economically either like Hispanics do with Blacks.
Anyway if the Democratic party doesn't get its racial situation in order, McCain wins and probably has some coattails in states with large Hispanic populations.

2/10/2008 12:33:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

NO it's not clear what is going on in California. La Opinion the largest spanish weekly and daily also, endorsed Obama.Read get an idea of what Mexican-Americans are saying. They also endorsed Obama.(mapo) is the Mexican-American Political Organization.

2/10/2008 12:40:00 PM  
Blogger NahnCee said...

I mean what did blacks do against Asians?

Upon first landing in America, lots of Asians (i.e., Koreans) set up their little mom & pop stores in black neighborhoods because they were cheap places to be.

I'm not sure what-all the blacks did to the Koreans, but the image of an itty-bitty Korean fighting back with a baseball bat against some bit loutish black kids is a stereotype in Los Angeles.

Remember, also, the image of Koreans going to their stores during the riots after the Rodney King verdicts, and standing on their rooftops with shotguns, warning the rampaging black looters away. Some black-owned stores weren't touched, lots were burned and looted out, but many many Asian businesses were saved because their owners were there protecting them with guns.

Now, the Asians have made something of themselves and moved on out and up - huge swatches of businesses and property in Los Angeles are owned by Koreans -- and the fight for low man on the totem pole is between blacks and browns. And the blacks and browns are gunning for each other in blood feuds that I don't think the Asians ever took part in.

But yes, it wouldn't surprise me if Asians, esp the Koreans, were a little racist in their perception of black people and would not under any circumstances support a black candidate. The blacks they live with and know about are a mite raspier and greedier than Mr. Obama.

2/10/2008 12:49:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

Raspier and greedier? than the Blacks Obama knows? waaaa? Oh I forgot to tell you about my daughter and her nest friend Ana.Ana is Korean. Beautiful beyond belief. She insists on being black. people except Americans are too smart to lump all Black people in one bad category. There are millions of blacks in America that are rich , well to do,light skinned, brown skinned, black skinned,educated
they give to mainstream charities and have businesess since the 1800's, hundreds of thousands of doctors, lawyers, accountants business owners,entertainers, professors, politicians..I think you people are jealous of black people , you are always trying your hardest to cast them in a bad light knock it don no want me to start on that other group..the one that hoards money..Dont' assume that Koreans would not support a Black candidate under any circumstances, you cannot think for all of them Mr. Obama is of Nigerian parentage and a White mother from Kansas and he was born in Hawaii.Where there are a lot of Koreans. So you are incorrect. His father is NOT an African-American. He is a Nigerian that was visiting the states. So whatever stereotype you have of Blacks the image doesn't apply. And to answer your question? You moved into Black neighborhoods and made money off the sweat and tears of black people ? no wonder they wanted to kick your a@@! how would you like it if some foreigners, now mind you Black people are citizens and you started making money of them, and had an attitude at that? You didn't treat them nice and they revolted. Oprah had a show on that riot and the world saw it where were you? In any event, Ana my adopted Korean daughter, Maho my Japanese daughter -in- law, my 1/2 Chinese son -in- law and my Buddhist friends are voting for Obama. So stop it.Stop the racism. You are not better. No one is better than anyone else in this world. I bet you even some Ku Klux Klansmen will cast a vote!!Holla that!!you cannot dictate what people do in private, and later say in public.

2/10/2008 01:34:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

The Democratic Party doesn't have any racial issues to get in order. It is what it is. FYI ~they are the party of the Kennedy's and the Clintons. The party that created the Civil Rights Act of 1965. It's not the party,they are in for the power,the glory and the money. It's people who vote like the ones on this blog and millions of others that are incredibly dumb about "race." Vote for the person that is going to improve your personal life. Go google..the "Illuminati," "one world order" get smart..goodness.No wonder the world admires Castro.Due to images on the internet and propaganda you say horrible things that are not true about Black Americans and other people from other coutnries think it is true because they themselves are getting oppressed for instance I will let the world now know the JAPANESE HATE THE KOREANS AND TREAT THEM LIKE YOU want to treat blacks. The Koreans in Japan are discriminated against and they are "racially profiled" hmm how about that? read : BURAKAMIN..HAVE FUN READING!!

2/10/2008 01:53:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

Someone on this blog has a problem. They are trying to influence opinion by asserting that Asians have nothing good toay about Blacks in America,regardless of their station . Really? I KNOW different.Tiger Woods mom is Asian,Tiki Barber's wife is Asian,David Alan Grier's wife is Asian, Wesley Snipes' wife is Asian so we know now four people just off the top of my head,that are in the spotlight that have something good to say about Black people. You see, a negative can be said about ANYONE. They are voting for Obama..because he is a winner, hard working and intelligent!!

2/10/2008 03:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Limo Liberals apparently are backing Obama, so I'm not surprised that Asian women married to very rich black men are enamored with him. That might get him 4 votes in November.

Its happening to whites in the limo liberal strata too. Still, the numbers are clear, Asians and Hispanics, when given a choice between Hillary and Obama, pencil in Hillary overwhelmingly. Regardless of what the local broadsheets say, the masses of color not black don't like Obama compared to Hillary. Will they find a reason to love McCain in November?

2/10/2008 05:09:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

Ok..I was concerned about Maine well he won Maine...yay!!! Obama..when he wins- Hispanics will be talking about their black grandmothers!!!and wanting to admit to their black roots, remember OBAMA is a cousin to Dick Cheney..besides like I said prior, Hispanics like to play up to don't know how people vote in private, they will pull that lever for Obama and lie and said they voted for what she won Cali big deal..he is in the Snoop
Dogg says''You better ask somebody"'LOL I love Black American Culture and I am not afraid to say it. White women , Spanish women, Asian women love Balck men,when they find out the truth and dismiss the lies. Black men are more handsome than gringos. Matter of fact I am watching the Grammy's hmm beautiful
Rihanna, Beyonce Tina Turner, Alicia Keys aren't Black People beautiful!!! holla

2/10/2008 06:51:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

NO not 4 votes, my own Asian family that's 10. And there are a hundred thousand people like my self and my family. We have Asians Mayors who are beginning to understand the prejudice against them and are partnering with African-Americans in a collaborative effort to crush your hegemonic and demonic status quo. I think you people are scared, because of how ruthless you have been towards a peaceful people. Stop crying like Hillary that fat wrinkled old bag, which is why Willie was doing Monica!!
You put Hillary in and McCain will end all of you back!! Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Vietnamese, Thai..keep playing stupid race card games,


2/10/2008 07:15:00 PM  
Blogger PharmaGuy said...

There has always been the occasional snipe on this blog, but by and large those posting stick with issues of policy in a civilized manner. Plenty of other blogs to flame back and forth and get personal. Sigh...

2/10/2008 11:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check todays NYT columnist Paul Krugman on his thoughts about Obama and some of his supporters. The zeal evident in a poster here is a faint aroma compared to what will happen once Obama starts a national campaign. Here's a provocative quote from Krugman,
"I won’t try for fake evenhandedness here: most of the venom I see is coming from supporters of Mr. Obama, who want their hero or nobody. I’m not the first to point out that the Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality."

2/11/2008 06:57:00 AM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

understood..and had nanhcee not made derogatory remarks regarding going back on a boat..I would have not allowed by Cuban /Latino temper/passion to flair. Good day!Bye

2/11/2008 07:02:00 PM  
Blogger Familythatcares said...

..Frank Rich from the New York Times says this about Hillary: read the excerpt.."synthetic product leeched of most human qualities.." Feb 11, one is more venomous than a woman scorned..or a brilliant writer ouch!!

2/11/2008 07:07:00 PM  

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