Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Infidels, you are infidels

Journalists are infidels too. Austin Bay looks at a Charlie Rose interview with Iraqi journalists who explain why Islamic radicals target newspapermen. "The reason why these attacks against the media the media itself and journalism is seen by Islamists and fanatics as something invented by the West. It (journalism) is not an invention of Islam. They regard as something you should not do. It is only infidels that go into journalism and into the media. That’s actually the main reason. If you say you are a journalist you are saying you are an infidel."

Although radical Islamists constantly declare that they are opposed to the West -- not just Bush-Hitler part but Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore section too -- on a very fundamental level, there is an evergreen belief that if only a sufficiently liberal person were elected to the White House the War on Terror would just go away. It's hard to explain just exactly how this belief came into existence, but if the declarations of the Jihadis are anything to go by, then exactly the opposite must be true. The more liberal America becomes, the more hateful it will become to the Jihad; the more liberal the country, the more urgently it must die.

Strangely, this explicit declaration of hostility against liberalism and the left goes largely unnoticed. Even by the infidel journalists who are a target of radical Islam. In fact, the exact opposite conclusion is inferred. If only we had leaders who welcomed gays, lesbians and transgenders, espoused every sort of atheism and pantheism, allowed abortions on demand and declared that no religion or God was higher than another then the world would be back on the road to peace. Earth to the Left: "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet." Repeat until understood. Got it yet? Well, no? Don't worry. Someday, even you will understand.


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