Saturday, March 17, 2007

Graveyard Shift

Men's News Daily reports that Robert Mugabe's intelligence agents seized the body of murdered opposition activist Gift Tandare from a funeral parlor then buried it in a plot distant from his village as a punitive measure. (Hat tip: JAF)

In Zimbabwe, it is usual to bury the dead at their rural home so that they can join their ancestors. In Gift’s case, the local chief was pressured by Mugabe’s regime into denying Gift’s family the right to be bury their loved one in the earth of his ancestors. The reaction from his extended family was to tell the chief to go to hell and they proceeded with preparations for burial.

This morning, on hearing this, the Zimbabwe regime have sent in their ruthless Central Intelligence organisation (CIO), armed to the teeth. Under the command of a man named CHOTO, they have kidnapped the body of the late Gift Tandare, at gun point, from the funeral parlour. This is illegal and a violation of the rights of the family to bury their beloved son, husband and father. The CIO said they were taking his body to Urungwe, many miles away, for burial.


Blogger Pierre said...

Well its good to know that another one of Carter's Failed Policies is acting true to form. For those clowns who believe that the Democrats might just grow up if they get into power we have only to remember dear old incompetent President Carter. The idiot that keeps on giving...

Click to Start Gloominess to Follow A review of the idiocy in allowing Democrats into power.

3/17/2007 05:46:00 PM  
Blogger Pierre said...

For those of you too young to remember Dear Old Jimmy "withdrew" support from those mean old Rhodesians so that those kind Marxists could come into power.

3/17/2007 05:47:00 PM  
Blogger Bruce said...

I worked with a British guy in the early 1980s whos father was one of the white farmers in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. At that time, he very clearly stated that the transition in the country was a non-issue and that everything was fine for all. Obviously by now, that's clearly not the case. I don't know if his father escaped or not.

3/17/2007 06:18:00 PM  
Blogger Meme chose said...

I was there and in other countries nearby around the time of Zimbabwean independence.

Before getting too exercised about this you should know that this is business as usual across much of Africa, and has been for a long time. You're either going to get selectively concerned about Mugabe in a way that makes little sense or you're going to get a lot more deeply involved in African problems than you probably want.

The dilemma we face is the same one which faced the colonialists. It's a fantasy to think we have better answers today.

The only people who have an answer for every problem in this situation are the 'human rights' zealots, who will damn those who decline to get involved, and damn everyone who does, for not meeting their (ever fluctuating) 'standards'.

Africa's problems are primarily about cultural practices, and will not be solved any time soon. As a non-religious person I think the Christianity they are adopting rapidly offers them some hope, although often the Christianity gets Africanized, rather than the other way around.

This is also what happened to many of the colonialists - they ended up adopting the practices and status of colonial chiefs, in my experience often failing even to notice that this had occurred. No wonder so many African despots stepped so easily into their shoes the moment they left.

3/17/2007 07:42:00 PM  
Blogger Asher Abrams said...

Ouch ... as one of the clowns mentioned in Pierre Legrand's first comment, I hereby sit down to a not-so-tasty dinner of crow.

3/17/2007 07:47:00 PM  
Blogger Pierre said...

Ouch ... as one of the clowns mentioned in Pierre Legrand's first comment, I hereby sit down to a not-so-tasty dinner of crow.
3/17/2007 07:47:00 PM

I am sorry that you feel like that...I had Jonah Goldberg in mind when I wrote that...he is part time brilliant and part time buffoon. Sometimes like all truly talented people he is all of that at one time.

I have become very disenchanted with the National Review...can you tell?

3/17/2007 09:39:00 PM  

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