Thursday, January 04, 2007

Do Bloggers Owe the AP an Apology?

The AP reports that "Ministry spokesman Brig. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, who had previously denied there was any such police employee as Capt. Jamil Hussein, said in an interview that Hussein is an officer assigned to the Khadra police station, as had been reported by The Associated Press. ... Khalaf told the AP that an arrest warrant had been issued for the captain for having contacts with the media in violation of the ministry's regulations."


If true this will reverse the positions completely. It will have been the Iraqi Ministry of Information that has been lying and the Associated Press which has been telling the truth about Jamil Hussein. Is AP owed an apology? If this story turns out to be true then there is no option but to acknowledge the AP got it right and its critics got it wrong.


Blogger John Samford said...

Did the good general say how much he was paid by AP to divulge this tid-bit? When dealing with Arabs, always remeber that they consider getting bribed a high honor, since it means they are important. He is prolly bragging about it to his buds, since it will make him more important in their eyes also.

1/04/2007 04:10:00 PM  
Blogger Deuce ☂ said...

Let me do what bloggers do best and be first. I apologize. I may have buyer's remorse within minutes.

1/04/2007 04:58:00 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

So far, we've only got AP's word he exists. They have not actually produced him.

1/04/2007 05:45:00 PM  
Blogger gumshoe said...

trust(?the AP?!?) but verify.

what Peter said.

1/04/2007 05:53:00 PM  
Blogger wretchardthecat said...

While I will await more details on this, and think they will be more revealing than the original story, I think that everyone who writes on the Web must accept that sooner or later he will get it wrong. It's statistically inevitable. But that if one is committed to the truth, whatever the personal embarassment, you will get it wrong less often.

The subtext of the affaire Hussein really says a lot about how the AP and the Iraqi MOI work; and how the MOI deals with the MNF. And to survive and win in this context means being able to manage both institutions like the AP and the MOI.

So I will have no problem apologizing if necessary from this incident, but also no problem learning. It's only wasted if you don't learn.

1/04/2007 05:55:00 PM  
Blogger NahnCee said...

What if what you learn is how not to get caught covering up your lie(s) next time? Which I have a feeling a certain Ministry official is just about to learn in a very hard way.

The rest of the world just doesn't understand how exceedingly white hot the heat of focused American publicity and interest can get.

1/04/2007 06:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not just about Jamil Hussein

As many of us have said from the beginning, finding Jamil Hussein will not make this story go away. Actually it makes it better since we can now question him on how he has been able to report on stories all across Baghdad. On why no other witnesses can be found other then three who will not go on record, everyone else says it didn't happen. On why there is no record of any bodies going to a morgue or hospital as the AP reported. On why no family of the victims can be found nor can the vicims be identified.

Lots of questions to be answered.

This doesn't for one second absolve the AP from anything. In fact, it would provide incontrovertible evidence that AP sees no need in verifying and validating its sources. If Jamil Hussein were to escape - provided that he even exists - none of these would have pinned the AP down for good.

1/04/2007 07:05:00 PM  
Blogger 3Case said...

I agree with gumshoe1...after a warm body is produced, it must be well verified. After that, no...unless Raymond Donovan has gotten his good name back...then we might think about considering penciling in time to schedule a meeting to have presentations on the idea of possibly apologizing to AP.

1/04/2007 07:25:00 PM  
Blogger Meme chose said...

Quite apart from the fact that we still don't know whether this guy actually made any of the statements attributed to him, or (if he did or if he didn't) whether any of them were true, we're still left with the interesting fact that the AP felt there was no case to answer even in the absence of any evidence to support their case.

1/04/2007 08:55:00 PM  
Blogger RichatUF said...

I give it the 48 hour

It wouldn't shock me if they find some police officer called "Jamil Hussein". It doesn't change that all of the stories sourced to him are fabrications and exaggerations.

This is an old strategy, and a great book "Stolen Valor" talks about it from the Vietnam experience

1/04/2007 10:32:00 PM  
Blogger Sparks fly said...


Don't be too quick to bow and scrape to the AP. There were about 6 (six) "Info Wars" pieces on Drudge today; all against us except for the mention of record snow in Alaska.(Anti-Global Warming) We have a target rich environment to work in. Don't feel sorry for the AP. The whole MSM is canted against us. It is like they have this assembly line of Info War pieces pouring into all available outlets daily. If the word got out to stop it it would probably take a year to spit out all that's in the pipeline.

This Hussein piece actually seems pretty juicy. Some poor soul named Hussein may lose his life over this just to provide closure.

It stinks.

Stay on it.

1/04/2007 10:55:00 PM  
Blogger ledger said...

Paint me skeptical.

This thing reeks of a setup.

I went over to Michelle Malkin's place, and the good "Capt. Hussein" suddenly appears in an AP story. Except, he will be arrested and probably not allowed to talk to the press. That would be highly suspicious.

It's entirely possible at this late date, a well choreographed production of a person call "Jamail Hussein" surfaces to "prove" the AP a "respectable news organization." Then there would be no need for Michelle Malkin to do any on site investigation of the matter.

In fact, if the good Capt. Hussein is in jail he will probably not be available to talk to Michelle Malkin anyway. Hence, there is no need for any further investigation (they would not want this to turn into another Green Helmet Guy fiasco).

Remember the Palestinian funeral where the "corpse" gets out of his coffin and walks away? The same thing could happen with Capt. Hussein.

I remain very skeptical.

1/05/2007 12:10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That policy of putting unarmed National Guardsmen on the border has turned out real swell:
Friday, January 05th, 2007

A U.S. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona’s border with Mexico.

According to the Border Patrol, an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state’s West Desert Region around 11 p.m. The site is manned by National Guardsmen. Those guardsmen were forced to retreat.

The Border Patrol will not say whether shots were fired. However, no Guardsmen were injured in the incident.

The Border Patrol says the incident occurred somewhere along the 120 mile section of the border between Nogales and Lukeville. The area is known as a drug corridor. Last year, 124-thousand pounds of illegal drugs were confiscated in this area.

The Border patrol says the attackers quickly retreated back into Mexico.
Good thing they were unarmed:
Bush would have approved of sending them to jail had they injured an attacker.

1/05/2007 12:55:00 AM  
Blogger Joe Buzz said...

It may be quite possible. I seem to recall that I may have been wrong one other time in back in '06.

Doug, I read that on Drudge this a.m. Southern border under attack....yyyyaaaawwwnnnn

1/05/2007 05:11:00 AM  
Blogger GeorgeD said...

At the risk of being seen as a paranoid conspiratorialist, I wouldn't put it past the AP to arrange for the poor Captain's demise. They could then trumpet how risky it is to talk to the press and cover the possibility that they never ever talked to him. Voila, their reputation is saved.

Yours truly Rusty Shackleford (aka Dale Gribble)

1/05/2007 06:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AP take out a hit on someone? Geez, you've been watching too much TV. I agree with most of whats been said though- the story doesn't end because AP's source may exist. The big story has always been Sunni propaganda fed to AP stringers, and remains so.

1/05/2007 08:37:00 AM  
Blogger efuji said...

The whole point is, did the AP get an accurate story from an Iraqi official? Even if this guy is the actual person who supplied the information, it is clear that their information is still suspect if they could not even verify that he existed let alone that he supplied accurate information. What kind of shoddy reporting is that?

1/05/2007 10:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith Ellison ought to get a BULLET!!!

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Here Mohammed is giving step by step instruction on how to torture and kill Kafirs (all non-Muslims) if they don't follow Islam. (a truly loving and imminently peaceful religion) Note carefully the reference to "Terror" - this text dates from the late 7th century.
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This verse also closely aligns with the intrinsically Homogenous nature of the primitive consanguineous Arabs and cleverly uses this specialized argot to appeal to their child-like view of the world around them - a world view still largely present in many groups of the Middle East of 2004.
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All for the sake for all-merciful (and obviously very rich) Allah !! (we are witnessing this phenomena almost daily in Iraq with kidnapping for ransom though the Press does not even report it)
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What the Koran teaches regarding Christians and Jews
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Believers, do not seek the friendship of the infidels and those who were given the Book before you, who have made your religion a jest and a pasttime...
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The unbelievers shall endure forever the torment of Hell. The punishment will never be lightened, and they shall be speechless with despair. We do not wrong, themselves.
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That is the Hell which the unbelievers deny. They shall wander between fire and water fiercely seething. Which of your Lord's blessing would you deny?
(Mo had a really weird idea of the definition of 'blessings' too)
Koran 76:1-5
For the unbelievers We have prepared chains and fetters and a blazing Fire...
(Mohammed lived in an era where slavery and servitude were commonplace and references to chains and bondage are ubiquitous throughout the Koran - Slavery is still commonly practiced in the Muslim World (Mauritania and the Sudan) today in the 21st century as well)
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We have in store for the unbelievers heavy fetters and a blazing fire, choking food and harrowing torment: on the day when the earth shall quiver with all its mountains, and the mountains crumble into heaps of shifting sand.
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Woe on that day to the disbelievers! Begone to the Hell which you deny! Depart into the shadow that will rise high in three columns, giving neither shade nor shelter from the flames, and throwing up sparks as huge as towers, as bright as yellow camels...Eat and enjoy yourselves awhile. You are wicked men..."
In the above verse, Prophet Mohammed is making sure that the people of other religions do not get any shade or shelter when they are burnt up in the Islamic Hell. Allah is also revealing to him that all people other than Muslims are basically wicked in nature. (and since during the historical period these words were first written down, 95% of the Arabs that heard this frightening dogma were TOTALLY ILLITERATE they believed it and were bullied and enslaved into a 'proper' acceptance of Islam - which then afforded Mo PHENOMENAL WEALTH and the success he never would have had in any REAL JOB. The American Mafia calls this sort of thing "Muscle".
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Koran 21:96-21:101
The unbelievers shall stare in amazement, crying: 'Woe to us! Of this we have been heedless. We have done wrong.' You and your idols shall be the fuel of Hell; therein you shall all go down.
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Koran 33:7-12
But for the unbelievers He has prepared a woeful punishment...
Here, we find the same old blabbering by Mohammed once again regarding how unbelievers will be punished in eternity.
Koran 44:40-49
The fruit of the Zaqqum tree shall be the unbelievers's fruit. Like dregs of oil, like scalding water, it shall simmer in his belly. A voice will cry: 'Seize him and drag him into the depths of Hell. Then pour out scalding water over his head, saying: "Taste this, illustrious and honourable man! This is the punishment which you have doubted." (Islam has an abundance of fruits)
Koran 52:1-52:15
On that day they shall be sternly thrown into the fire of Hell, and a voice will say to them: 'This is the Fire which you denied...Burn in its flames. It is the same whether or not you show forbearance. You shall be rewarded according to your deeds.' (note the loving mercy displayed by Islam)
Koran 31-37
And burn ye him in the blazing fire. Further, make him march in a chain, whereof the length is seventy cubits. This was he that would not believe in allah Most high and would not encourage the feeding of the indignant. So no friend hath he here this day. Nor hath he any food except the corruption from the washing of wounds. - Mohammed is quite fond of chains and eludes to slavery quite often in the Koran.
Koran 56:52-56
Ye shall surely taste of the tree Zaqqum. Then will ye fill your insides therewith, and drink boiling water on top of it. Indeed ye shall drink like diseased camels raging with thirst. Such will be their entertainment on the day of Requital! Islam is overflowing with kindness for non-Muslims.
Koran 69:30-37
We shall say: 'Lay hold of him and bind him. Burn him in the fire of Hell, then fasten him with a chain seventy cubits long. For he did not believe Allah the tremendous, and urged not on the feeding of the wretched. Today he shall be friendless here; filth shall be his food, the filth which sinners eat...
The above five verses contain detail description of various kinds of punishments people of other religions will undergo in Islamic Hell. They display the true respect Prophet Mohammed had for people who were not following Islam. And through these verses, Koran (the manual for plunder, rape and murder)which is treated as a timeless scripture by Muslims, teaches how lowly people of other religions should be treated by Muslims regardless of time or space. Muslims are also widely known to be into bondage and discipline and in the many 'gay' bars (these are known in Al-Alam as 'mosques') that infest the Arab Alley Muslim men can be seen cruising for new sex partners, often in leather outfits.
Koran 2:39
Those who reject faith shall be the companions of the Fire.
Koran 2:89-90
The curse of Allah is on the unbelievers... humiliating is the punishment. Muslim males are also highly fond of sado/masochism and can often reach orgasm by inflicting cruel tortures on their hapless victims.
Koran 13:13
He hurls his thunderbolts at whom he pleases Yet the unbelievers wrangle about Allah..
Koran 58:5
Those who resist Allah and his messenger will be humbled to dust. Yes most sexual humiliation - a vital part of Fundamental Islam.
Koran 70:15-16
The fire of Hell will pluck out his being right to the skull..
Koran 5:10
As for those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, they are the heirs of Hell.
The summary of the above six verses is that a person following any religion other than Islam, is automatically assigned to Hell. His good thoughts, good actions or piety are of no value until and unless he follows Islam. So if in this life, a person does not follow Islam and does not believe in Islamic scripture, Allah will store Hell-Fire, Hot water, Molten brass, thunderbolts and other humiliating punishments in the life hereafter for him.
Koran 70:39
We have created the unbelievers out of base matters.
So here Prophet Mohammed claims that all the people of other religions are basically useless and evil since they are made of base matters. But the same people become Allah's favorites and become capable of earning Houris (female sex slaves in Islamic heaven) and young boys that the Koran says are 'pretty as pearls' (Muslim can go both ways in heaven) when they convert to Islam. 1

If you find this conclusion incredulous try reading:
* A Fundamental Fear
* Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism
* By E. Sayyid, Zed Books, Lrd 2003
This is the seminal work of Edward Sayyid in which he extrapolates on his sociological theories that have come to be known as "Orientalism". Sayyid is a deep thinker, but really lousy writer and his lengthy paragraphs making reading this short tome a real exercise in absolute concentration. If you can get through it, the book details the laughable Raison d'étere of the Islamist and goes to truly phenomenal and exceptionally scholarly lengths to explain the abysmal lack of any real progress in the Islamic world for the last nine hundred years which ultimately rests on blaming everything on a Euro-centric Racism directed against The Arab world who are of course portrayed as the sad victims).
Another illuminating study is found in::
* Fables of the Ancients
* Folklore in the Qur'ran
* By Alan Dundes
* Rowan and Littlefield Publishers, Inc 2002
* http://rowanlittlefield,com
This brief volume details the use of the "Oral Formulas" used widely in the Qur'ran. The Qur'ran was (and still is) widely transmitted and taught orally (via rote memotization) before any of it was every written down and a heavy emphasis on 'oral' recitation is still prevelant in Islamic Circles of Thought. The author details the connections between the "sacred" text of the Qur'ran and common Arab and Middle Eastern folk tales and poses serious questions as to the origin of this 'sacred' work. This genre of scholarly analysis is know as "literary criticism" by Biblical scholars but is considered 'heresy' by Islamic Scholars.
Returning to the basic text of these concepts, this brief essay cannot hope to fully address the vapid logic and ubiquitous absurdities of Professor Sayyid, and reading his mindless propaganda is indeed a major chore, but basically "Islam" is portrayed as a VIABLE ALTERNATIVE TO AMERICAN (Western) HEGEMONY which is portrayed as the Capitalist incarnation of Christianity and Judaism. In a literary style that is somewhat reminiscent of Karl Marx, truly a rhetorical exercise in obfuscative literature and nauseatingly verbose Professor Sayyid postulates that:
* ISLAM, despite its atavistic ideologies presents a viable and important counter-weight to Western modernity and is essential for global survival.
* The medieval ideas of Islam must be preserved since the Moral Absolutes proposed by Christianity and Judaism (and of course Jeffersonian style Democracies) lack any veracity and postulates the equivalent of Theological Relativism.
* Any benefits of "Modernity" are far outweighed by its deficits and therefore, primitive societal laws are equally valid and should continue to exist as a viable alternative.
* The qualities that the entire world considers 'progress' and 'civilization' are not necessarily good (this in a fascinating opposition to Aristotle) and are also relative.
* He actually postulates that these same historical developments are essentially evil as well.
* "Globalism" or "Western Hegemony" is in fact a form of slavery and a vaguely theorized form of global "pluralism" is indeed preferable with primitive, indigenous, medieval and modern societal models co-existing, though he blithely ignores the obvious and insurmountable difficulties such a world system would present. He essentially ignores these issues and proposes what amounts to a cultural Laissez faire system in the world.
* Since Western Societies and Scholars often view these societies as "primitive" and "backward" their true reasoning is in reality a form of Institutionalized "Racism" whose actual intent is to enslave the peoples of Al-Alam and provide enormous wealth to the West which he generously illustrates with copious examples from what the period know as "Colonialism" and finally dubs as "Orientalism" - which he sees as a rough approximation of hatred and fear of "Orientals" - he ultimately uses the term "Oriental" to describe not only Arabs but virtually all non-Europeans. Without going into great detail, Sayyid goes on to hypothesize that his nascent theory of "Orientalism" is the underlying principle behind all American and "Western" foreign policy towards the Middle East whose ultimate goal is to subjugate and ultimately eliminate what the West has come to view as "the Other".
The true scholar may also wish to consult:
* Freedom and Orthodoxy
* Islam and Difference in the Post-Andalusian Age
* By Anouar Majid
* Stanford University Press, 2004
A superb book detailing the ontological struggles taking place within the world wide Muslim Ummah. The author argues, by careful examination of long spans of Islamic and World History that we are headed towards a 'world order heading toward a global wasteland - an apocalyptic vision that landscape that will ultimately engulf winner and looser alike." The author begins with a lucid criticism of Sayyid's concept of "Orientalism" and asserts that it has taken on the nefarious definition that is traditionally associated with "Racism" in the Western World and attacks the doctrine throughout the book. The 'Battle for the Soul of Islam" is covered in considerable depth and is a welcome addition to the often hysterical ranting of the Islamist and American left alike and should be required reading for anyone seriously interested in studying contemporary Islam.

The Holy Bible teaches "Thou Shall not Lie" while the Muslim Koran preaches prevarication. Koran 066.001 "Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows." Muslims are permitted to lie to spread their religion. An example of "Taqiyya" would be the insistence of a Muslim apologist that "of course" there is freedom of conscience in Islam, and then quoting that Qur'anic verse -- "There shall be no compulsion in religion. "Kitman" is close to "taqiyya," but rather than outright dissimulation, it consists in telling only a part of the truth. Taqiyya, religious deception, as founded on Qur'an 16:106. (A similar but distinct concept is kitman, which is akin to mental reservation, and is based on [3:28] Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from God: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them. But God cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to God. The life and times of the Prophet Mohammed confirm this as recorded by the early historian Tabari VIII:143 "In this year a twenty-four man raiding party led by Shuja went to the Banu Amir. He launched a raid on them and took camels and sheep. The shares of booty came to fifteen camels for each man. Also a raid led by Amr went to Dhat. He set out with fifteen men. He encountered a large force whom he summoned to Islam. They refused to respond so he killed all of them."
The Muslim God Allah states in Koran 002.256 "There is no compulsion in the matter of religion.

Keith Ellison is swearing fealty not to the United States of America but to the fascism of the Koran.

1 The Koranic verses have been taken from works of Abdullah Yusuf Ali and N.J. Dawood

1/05/2007 01:13:00 PM  
Blogger Moneyrunner said...

Let’s not get thrown off the track by side issues. I remember a famous story about a man who said that a criminal burned his house down, raped his wife, shot his children and ran over his dog. The criminal came before the judge and showed him the dog, alive. All charges dismissed.

Shouldn’t we avoid jumping to conclusions? A lot of legitimate issues have been raised about more than the existence or non-existence of Captain Jamil Hussein. There may be a real policeman by the name of Jamil Hussein but we have not seen him yet. The primary issue is that “Jamil Hussein” was used some 61 times as the source for atrocity stories. The last one about the destruction of three mosques and the burning of six men and the shooting of many more while police and army forced did nothing was proven incorrect. Three mosques were not destroyed; a minor fire was put out in one. And there is no evidence of 6 men being burned to death. No bodies, no autopsies, no grieving relatives. Nothing that can be held up and shown; simply the word of a man that still has not been produced.

Where is Jamil Hussein and why is he the source of so many atrocity stories all around Bagdad?

1/06/2007 11:29:00 AM  
Blogger Mike H. said...

Damn, at least I'm brief! George? You're giving us interlopers a bad name.

1/06/2007 12:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are 40 of the 61 stories in which Hussein is cited by name in the AP stories.

1/10/2007 09:22:00 AM  

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